Safety Protocol

We are open and to stay open, we must work together on keeping the dojo safe for all

We have steps required by all those attending classes:

  1. Every student is required to wash their hands at the dojo upon arriving and before departing the dojo.
  2. Personal belongings are to be placed in a closed bag or backpack.
  3. Each student must have his/her own water container and take it with him/her upon leaving the dojo. If the student forgot his/her water container and is given permission to get a bottle of water from the cooler. The student must take it with him/her upon leaving the dojo or discard it in the trash.
  4. If a student is sick, the student will not be permitted to practice or to be at the dojo for the time being.
  5. If a student lives with an individual with a contagious disease at home, the student will not be permitted to practice or to be at the dojo for the time being.

​By now we have all become accustomed to changes and adapting to the new constraints to public and social interaction. Part of the training is adapting. 

The mat and common areas are being cleaned after each class and a time separation to allow students to depart before new students arrive. 

​Below is a list of some products, not exclusive, we are using for the dojo cleanliness and particularly for handling the current situation. As you know we are nonprofit and some of these items are costly. We thank our members for contributing to bringing some of the below items that we need replenishing often.

  1. Disinfectant D.C. 100
  2. Wedge Disinfectant
  3. Sporicidin (Brand) Disinfectant Towelettes
  4. Lysol® Kitchen Pro Antibacterial Cleaner
  5. Lysol® Brand All Purpose Cleaner
  6. Lysol® Neutra Air® 2 in 1
  7. Bleach-rite Disinfecting Spray with Bleach
  8. Lonzagard R-82G12
  9. CPPC Ultra Bleach 2
  10. CPPC Storm
  11. Ultra Clorox Brand Regular Bleach
  12. Peraclean 15 (Peroxyacetic Acid Solution)
  13. Cavicide
  14. 65 Disinfecting Heavy Duty Acid Bathroom Cleaner
  15. Clorox QS
  16. Discide Ultra Disinfecting Spray
  17. Discide Ultra Disinfecting Towelettes Maguard 1522
  18. Clorox Splash-Less Bleach 1 T-bone
  19. Clorox HW with Sodium hypochlorite
  20. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes with Quaternary ammonium
  21. Simple Green d Pro 5 EPA Registration

Students are actively participating in cleaning after each session. We welcome parents and volunteers to assist as well on the weekend. We are thankful to Dave Drummond and his Company Swish Sanitizing for partnering with us in the regular cleaning of the dojo and other measures as stated above.

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