Sensei Chuck


I started practicing Aikido in 1990 in Vineland Aikikai under Peter Tamagni Sensei, in Vineland, New Jersey.  I was also practicing Goju Ryu Karate and Judo at that time. 

In January 1995, Peter sent me to become uchi deshi with Yamada Sensei in New York Aikikai.  While there, I studied extensively with Sugano Sensei and Donovan Waite Sensei as well as Yamada Sensei, but also with Harvey Konigsberg, Jane Ozeki, Hal Lehrman, and Douglas Firestone.  I served in the dojo until the end of 1997.

I have been an instructor at New York Aikikai since 1995 until the dojo closed for covid in March 2020.


Located at 4450 N. Tenaya Way Ste 260, Las Vegas, Nevada 89129

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