Sensei Dennis

Dennis demonstrating Kokyu dosa technique
Dennis demonstrating Kokyu dosa

Dennis began his martial arts journey in 1998 with a self defense course.  He was introduced to techniques from several arts including karate, tae kwon do, aikido, jiu jitsu and judo. While attending college he took every martial arts class that was offered and the arts varied from semester to semester.  Eventually Dennis recognized that he wanted to study Aikido and in 2005 was able to locate a dojo in his hometown. 

After a long hiatus Dennis was able to resume his training in 2013 at the Shoshinkan.  What started out as a way for Dennis to get into/stay in shape evolved into a path for perpetual self-improvement. Dennis now enjoys and prefers a budo approach to martial arts and great thanks is owed to several Sensei’s that have introduced him to ideas, practices, and most importantly: people that have widened his views and approach to training. 

Dennis has come to recognize the hidden benefits of martial training such as building great relationships with positive role models, increased physical health and vigor, and a deeper understanding of the human condition.  His experience led him to enroll his two children at the Shoshinkan under the watchful eye of Sensei Dave with the aim of exposing his kids to experiences that will provide them the similar deep rewards that come with consistent training.

Dennis is currently an Instructor for Aiki-Weapons and Beginners in Aikido Classes.


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