Code of Bushido

As you begin your journey as a Martial Artist at Shoshinkan Martial Arts, you should know that our dojo cho and Sensei Dave teaches the code fo Bushido to our youth. Every children or students in kids program will be trained and expected to know the values of the code of Bushido in both Japanese and its English translation.

Bushido is a code of conduct that emerged in Japan from the Samurai, or Japanese warriors, who spread their ideals throughout society. They drew inspiration from Confucianism, which is a relatively conservative philosophy and system of beliefs that places a great deal of importance on loyalty and duty. The Bushido code contains seven key principles or virtues that warriors were expected to uphold.

At Shoshinkan, Sensei Dave will teach 10 values of the code of Bushido or warrior’s code.

Adults should be familiar to the minimum seven virtues of the code of Bushido.

The code of Bushido is at it’s core: Wisdom, Courage and Benevolence.

Followed by Courtesy, Sincerety, Loyalty and Duty

The attendant virtues are Honor, Care for the aged, and respect of one’s elders

The Code of Bushido:

The code of Bushido is at its core Wisdom, Courage and Benevolence followed by Courtesy, Sincerity, Loyalty, and Duty The attendant virtues are Honor, Care for the aged, and respect of one’s elders.

Wisdom 智 chi

From the wisdom of the mystic masters to the mouths of babes the utility of understanding the subtleties of interactions among the many and the few can benefit everyone and everything.  Careful consideration, patient observation, deliberate design and timeless thinking may combine to create a continuous thoughtfulness useful in every moment.

Courage 勇 yū Brave Valiant Spirited

To persevere when the outcome is in doubt.  To commit totally to the effort despite any and all fears.  To expend every ounce of one’s mind, body and spirit in pursuit of a just cause.  All this and more is what is meant by this concept.  Face every fear and vanquish them with great vigor, earnestness and even joy.

Benevolence 仁 jin Perfect virtue Charity Affection Love

Compassion, sympathy, empathy, gentle and unending care for oneself, one’s companions, every living creature and the earth itself may be considered a sound beginning for the principle of benevolence.  The greatest warrior is the one who creates peace without ever engaging in violence.     

Respect 禮 rei Etiquette Thanks Gratitude

Complete appreciation for every moment, embodied by a sincere gracious formality, and grounded by the knowledge that everything, every moment, every breath is a gift; allow this apparently rigid practice to flow within boundaries created, displaying the above intent freely without threat to anyone or anything. 

Honesty 誠 makoto Sincerity Good Faith Truth

This concept is not only thinking, speaking, and acting in pure concord; one that thinks, speaks, and acts in only one positive, effective and supportive direction. Complete commitment to one’s self, each moment, and each and every endeavor, form the core of honesty and integrity, that enables one to look at each moment with the knowledge that it has been faced bravely, embraced knowingly, and given the necessary commitment to bring it to a healthy and useful end is the idea of sincerity.

Loyalty 忠義 chūgi

Loyal Faithful Allegiance/Justice Honour Morality

Rectitude 義 gi Justice Honour Morality Righteousness Sense Meaning Duty

It is the duty of every human being to develop their mind, body and spirit to the greatest degree possible, not only for themselves but for the benefit of everyone and everything around them. Loyalty, compassion and the continuous unending effort to perfect every moment is the duty of every student of martial art. 

The attendant virtues expected for the youth students to know in addition to the ones aboves are:

​Filial piety 孝 kō Filial Duty

Honor parents as they have given  shelter, clothing and food to those that come after.  Additionally they may have faced many of the same balance points or opportunities to change direction since they have traveled before on the paths of life. 

​Honour 名誉 meiyo

Name Fame Renown Noted Excellent Celebrated/Honour Reputation Glory Fame Renown

Those who have come before us are repositories of experience and knowledge and as such it is only right that they be honored, cherished and cared for as they transition on to the next endeavor.  Realize that these people are living libraries of what it means to be human and should be valued as such.

Care for the aged 悌 tei

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